Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Living an Affirmative Life--In Summary

What I affirm as my Truth, becomes my Reality.
Whatever I hold as true      speak as my reality      becomes
my daily affirmation.

Every time I speak an “I am…” statement, I am practicing affirmations.

If I don’t want      the truth of my experience       to be what it is
I will change       what I affirm      
to reflect      what I want       the truth      to be.

I may not have a choice about my external situation
but I do have a choice
about what I affirm      as the truth      of my life. 

There is a Universal Law that states
“We all get to be right!”

Human beings      whether we realize or acknowledge it     
are driven to be RIGHT.

The question is, "What do I want to be right about?"

The answer to that question       becomes what I affirm as my truth.

What you affirm as your Truth, becomes your Reality**

Three Important Questions

1.)       “Is this something I want to be right about?”
There are certain words I look for in my self-talk.  Words like “never” or “always” or “can’t”.  When I hear one of these words, particularly when it is connected with a self-evaluation, I ask the question “Is this something you want to be right about?” 
If the answer to the question is YES, I reaffirm it. However, if the answer is NO, I immediately affirm a positive statement of its opposite. This becomes my new affirmation.

2.)       “What is there here, within this condition or situation, which I have yet to learn?”  
If the situation remains unchanged, continue to affirm the positive statement of the new truth, while exploring the question “What is there here, within this condition or situation, which I have yet to learn?” Much can be learned from exploring the possibilities.

3.)       “What might be the secondary gains for continuing to consciously, or unconsciously, believe something that does not seem to serve me?” 
If I can determine what these secondary gains are, I may be able to find more productive ways for getting these needs met, and thereby free up the space into which a new truth can live.

Spirit is the Infinite Source of all that is good and true and whole.
I claim my Oneness with this Divine Source in the Universe
and hold as Truth that I am, that we all are,
Whole, perfect and complete!
With gratitude I release this truth into the law that states
 “We all get to be right!”
And so it is!

**Okay,okay. Of course there are exceptions! No matter how much I want to be right about living on the moon, I won’t end up on the moon--though I might be considered Loony, by some…:-)

Stay tuned for more loony-tune ideas…

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